Meet Jamie Van Buren a Connect Marquette Board Member

Connect Marquette Board of Director Jamie Van Buren

Get to know one of our newest board members, Jamie Van Buren! Jamie joined the Connect Marquette board at the start of 2022 as Marketing Committee Co-Chair. We asked Jamie some questions; see if you have anything in common. In her professional live, Jamie is Operations Manager for InvestUP.

When asked, “Why did you join the Connect Marquette Board of Directors?” Jamie replied:  To get more involved with the organization and connect with it’s members.

We also asked, “What are you excited to see Connect Marquette do in the future?” She replied: Everything! I am excited to take part in events and help to give back to the community.

When it comes to activities outside of work, Jamie loves to walk her dog Lulu. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and working out. Jamie also bakes, loves to read, and enjoys spending time at Lake Superior.

If Jamie started a podcast, the title of her show would be: Am I There Yet

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