Meet Connect Marquette’s October Members of the Month – Lyn & Bill De Groot

October Members of the Month Lyn and Bill De Groot

This month we’re doing a double feature for our Member of the Month to highlight Lyn and Bill De Groot. This couple joined Connect Marquette to meet more people in the area and get involved in our community. Through their membership they’ve been able to meet new people and attend events like our annual Au Train Float or learn about the History behind the city’s Marquette Harbor Lighthouse.

In their professional lives, Bill is Manager for Chocolay Township and Lyn works as Human Resources Manager for Community Action Alger-Marquette. Outside of work, the De Groot family enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time outdoors with their three dogs. Bill also enjoys fishing and hunting while you’ll find Lyn on the water with her kayak or paddle board or in her garden.

When asked about about their favorite organizations or local events, Bill and Lyn picked the UP 200. They said it is such a great event that showcases the area trails, amazing canine athletes, and our winter weather.

If you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation, Lagniappe is a De Groot favorite. They also enjoy having fresh whitefish from several local restaurants, and they’ll be stocking up on pasties from Jean Kay’s before the shop closes later this year.

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