Meet Connect Marquette’s May Member of the Month – Carlee Wasik

Introducing Connect Marquette’s May Member of the Month, Carlee Wasik!  When asked about her membership and what it means to her Carlee said, “Community is one of my most important personal values which I find it is important for me to connect with people in the Marquette community to learn and grow from other like-minded professionals.  This membership is great for networking, professional development opportunities, and finding ways to connect with other businesses and opportunities in the Marquette community.  

Carlee works as a Human Resources Director, but outside of work a lot of her hobbies revolve around her dog, Louie!  She goes on lots of dog walks and exploration outside.  She also enjoys hiking, traveling, and swimming in the summer time.  Some of her favorite events in the area are Beer fest, Art on the Rocks, and the Blues Fest. Local organizations she find valuable to our community include Lake Superior Community Partnership, UPAWS, MSU Extension, SAIL, and the Marquette Senior Center.

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