Meet Connect Marquette’s April Member of the Month – Michael Paling

Member of the Month Michael Paling

Being a Connect Marquette member can mean as much or as little as you want it to. Our April Member of the Month shows just how true that is. From attending events like First Fridays and the Professional Headshot Minis Event to volunteering for the UP200, Michael has become a familiar face in the short amount of time that he’s been a member. Get to know more about Michael, you might just have something in common to connect on!

When asked why Michael joined Connect Marquette and how it’s helped him, he responded:

Being new to the Marquette area, I needed a way to make connections with new people. I’ve made several new friends and have enjoyed volunteering and becoming part of this community, even only after a few short months.

Michael has many interests he loves to chat about over a beer including trees, music, and board games. Outside of work he’s playing his guitar, listening to music, and playing his guitar some more! Has an avid musician, he spends several hours each day practicing. See Michael at Drifa or Blackrocks open mic nights to hear him for yourself!

When asked about Michael’s favorite local events or community organizations, he replied:

I love that there’s a great music scene here. I lived in an area without a music scene for the past couple years, and that kind hurt! and of course I’m a fan of the environmental orgs [organizations] in the area. They make my day job a lot of fun!

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