Meet Connect Marquette Board Member Katie Helppi

Connect Marquette Board Member Katie Helppi

Have something in common with Connect Marquette Board Member Katie?

Katie Helppi joined the Connect Marquette board in 2022 as Conference Committee Chair. During the day, she doubles as Diabetes Educator RN for UPHS Marquette and has President of Katie Rae Coaching LLC. Get to know more about this entrepreneur nurse:

When asked, “Why did you join the Connect Marquette Board of Directors?” Katie replied, “I joined this group because I see the value of working together to improve our community, help each other build our businesses and to learn new valuable skills.”

We asked Katie what’s he’s most looking forward to seeing Connect Marquette do in the future and she said, “I hope to see Connect Marquette outreaching to surrounding communities, involving them in our leadership opportunities and collaborating on projects.”

When talking about Katie’s hobbies outside of work, she mentioned her love for running and other types of fitness! She likes spending time at the beach, traveling, and soaking in nature with her family.

To answer the question, “What do you think the Marquette Community is lacking?” Katie’s response was, “I would love to see Marquette County have more family friendly health and fitness spaces, especially for the coldest winter days.”

We also asked Katie what she’d name her post if she started one and her answer was Whole Body Happiness, sounds like some wholesome content!

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