Meet August Member of the Month – Andrew Mahaney

Andrew Mahaney is our August Member of the Month! Andrew works as the Development Associate at Veridea Group! He is a member of Connect Marquette because he “likes the social opportunities it provides with people who are generally likeminded, forward-thinking, and pleasant to converse with.”

“I’m a fairly new member, but I have really liked First Friday (hoping we have one in August!) and the Au Train Float we just did in July. I don’t get out much, so it’s nice to have a chance to relax, have a drink, and talk with people in my general age range for a few hours.”

When asked about his hobbies Andrew said, “I spend most of my free time gaming, everything from shooters to moba’s to strategy to gacha. I also enjoy building model kits, in particular snapfit models. I enjoy these the most, as there’s no glue or paint required, everything snaps together, and they look great!”

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