Meet 2021 Board Member – Rachel Barra

Rachel Barra of Connect Marquette

Get to know Conference Chair Committee Board Member Rachel Barra! Rachel’s favorite memory from her time with Connect Marquette was volunteering for the Iron Range Roll and watching everyone cross the finish line after a great race!

When asked about Rachel’s favorite hobbies and activities outside of work, she replied:

I belong to the Upper Peninsula Field Archery Association – a regional group that hosts indoor and outdoor archery tournaments year-round; I compete, help run tournaments, and occasionally volunteer to help teach youth classes. I’ve also been volunteering a fair bit with a new Marquette non-profit called MATI that is working to create a home and hub for arts and culture groups and activities in downtown Marquette.

Rachel’s advice for getting the most out of your membership is:

Join one of the organization’s groups or committees that you’re really passionate about to meet new people and get involved in the community! Iron Range Roll and Conference Committee are always looking for members and can provide you with opportunities to grow your professional skill set or learn about what has to go on behind the scenes to make big events possible.

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