Connect Marquette 2022 Board of Directors Announced

Connect Marquette 2022 Board of Directors

During the first Board Meeting of the year, Connect Marquette voted the new 2022 Board of Directors into their new roles for term. With everyone settling into their new positions, we’re excited to have our new leadership for the year and can’t wait to see how the organization grows.

President Krystina Gwinn lead the board meeting where the vote was held to fill the open chair positions for the year. Special thanks to our LSCP Liaison Megan O’Connor for being at the meeting to document the discussion and vote!

2022 Board of Directors Line-Up

Krystina Gwinn – President

Lauren Bareiss – Vice President & Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Aubrey Moore – Secretary

Dan Korhonen – Treasurer & Volunteer Committee Co-Chair

Antonio Adan – Membership Committee Co-Chair

Molly Holmstrom-Bolster – Events Committee Chair

Jamie Van Buren – Marketing Committee Co-Chair

Joe Thiel – Membership Committee Co-Chair

Katherine Helppi – Conference Committee Chair

Amy Poirier – General Board Member

Connect Marquette is always accepting board applications for future terms. If you’re interested in being considered for 2023, fill out Board of Directors Application.

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