August Member of the Month – Cole Zyburt

Connect Marquette Member Cole Zyburt

August’s Member of the Month is Cole Zyburt, Trust & Investment Associate at First Bank!

Cole got involved with Connect Marquette with the goal of meeting new people, for the opportunity to network and to become more involved in the community.  He enjoys connecting on a variety of topics, both that relate to his profession and personal interests.

When asked about what his membership does for him, Cole replied:

So far my membership has provided me with the opportunity to meet a variety of people employed across many industries in a relaxed setting, all while enjoying a frosty adult beverage.  I look forward to attending more Connect Marquette sponsored events in the future.

He also says:

I enjoy connecting on a variety of topics, both that relate to my profession and to my personal interests.  I also enjoy hearing from others about unique interests and passions that may differ from mine.

Some of Cole’s favorite restaurants in the UP include Stucco’s in Marquette or Clyde’s in Manistique.  Have something in common with Cole?  Connect with him today!

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