Meet the Board

Meet the Board

The Connect Marquette Board of Directors is made up of between 9 to 11 Connect Marquette Members. We serve our members through planning, coordinating, and hosting activities, always with our mission in mind. The Board of Directors exists to ensure that Connect Marquette continues to run smoothly and provide the best networking, community, and professional development opportunities our members desire to aid in their personal and professional growth. In the end, we exist to serve our community and depend on feedback from our members to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our members.

Description of Board Positions

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Connect Marquette Board of Director Krystina Gwinn

Krystina Gwinn


Lauren Bareiss Saddleback Photography Connect Marquette Board Member

Lauren Bareiss

Vice President & Marketing

Board of Director Aubrey Moore

Aubrey Moore


IMG_0881 (2)

Dan Korhonen

Treasurer & Volunteer

Antonio Adan Connect Marquette Board Member

Antonio Adan

Membership Committee

Molly Holmstrom-Bolster Connect Marquette Board Member

Molly Holmstrom-Bolster

Events Committee

Jamie Van Buren Connect Board of Directors

Jamie Van Buren

Marketing Committee

Joe Thiel Connect Marquette Board of Directors

Joe Thiel

Membership Committee

Board Member Katie Helppi

Katie Helppi

Conference Committee

Megan O'Connor

LSCP Liaison