Who We Are

Connect Marquette was created by the Lake Superior Community Partnership in 2010 (originally named 40 Below) as a professional development organization designed to introduce and engage individuals to the County’s business community and help them expand their networking opportunities.

Events are held at various locations throughout the County. The goal of these events is to create an opportunity for members to interact, exchange ideas and connect outside of the workplace.

Whether your goal is to develop your professional network, increase your social circle, better connect to civic and philanthropic activities in the community or just have fun, we have many activities and events created just for you!

LSCP and Connect Marquette

Created by the LSCP in 2010, the LSCP continues to supports Connect in many ways. From providing assistance with finances, to providing a Liaison to assist with board meetings, Connect Marquette appreciates our ongoing partnership!

Mission Statement

To facilitate the growth of talent, connections, community, and leadership opportunities in Marquette County.

Vision Statement

To be an instrumental part of the long-term success of individuals in Marquette County through collaboration, inclusiveness, innovation, and the U.P. work ethic.

Marquette Local Links is a program created by Make it Marquette and Connect Marquette to introduce new arrivals to local residents. The goal is to make newcomers feel welcome and connected by meeting and learning from local ambassadors. Local Links are members of our community who already chose to live, work, and play in our Queen City. They are a diverse group of individuals with different interests, experiences, and professional backgrounds but they all share a common thread: their passion for Marquette.

Local Links Program from Make it MQT and Connect Marquette

See Our Membership

Ready to take the next step? Connect Marquette has a variety of individual and corporate plans to customize your membership.